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14 May 2015

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A mule
13 July 2008

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Lightwalker on raw image
L'Angevine, thanks! I just deleted all other raw unprocessed versions of this 'trial'. The next day will ...

L'Angevine on raw image

L'Angevine on Rain collaterals

Melocoton on Fanni watches Spongebob with visiting Lujzi
lovley portraits bravo

L'Angevine on Fanni watches Spongebob with visiting Lujzi

Lightwalker on Glowing Moon
Lost Valley: Thanks! I should think it was not edited. I was not doing any postprocessing back then. Even did not crop ...

Melocoton on Őszi kikerics / Autumn crocus
wonderful detail

zolika on Graceful Female Feet
Tök jó!!!!!!

metti on Our distorting mirror
wowwwww... I like it... dream and dreamer... good luck dear.

Lightwalker on Pair on tier
Tago, alla, thanks!

Jarrard Cole on Graceful Female Feet
Laugh out loud composition.

Jarrard Cole on Figurine with spots
Cool effect with the bokeh.

Sergei Z on Coffee white
Beautiful image. Very tender colors.

bm on -Lánchíd (Chain Bridge), Budapest - 3
jó ez a részlet a hídból, főleg a teljesen kék háttérrel

Marie on -Lánchíd (Chain Bridge), Budapest - 3
joli jeu de lignes.

gentse koppen on Boroka Portrait
wonderful portraiy

Porcsin on Gotta Leave Now
Oh, nem akármilyen pillanat! Gratulálok!

Gentse Koppen on Goldfinch - 2
beautitfull bird!

Mauro on Boroka Portrait
Very nice portrait, what an expression!

ttomasso on -Lánchíd (Chain Bridge), Budapest - 3
I guess it's Lánchíd again on your photoblog :-) yup, nice abstraction here.

Shahab on Some Grass with Background!!!

Shahab on Gotta Leave Now
Wow!Such a cool timnig!Bravo!

Brian on Gotta Leave Now
Wow! Amazing capture of the moment of flight. Super macro shot!

lissa on Some Grass with Background
Nice depth of field

R on Boroka Portrait
I was trying to figure out if she was giving us a sexy Come Hither look ....... or ...... the look of a mass murderer ...

Brian on Boroka Portrait
I would not want her angry at me! Great study!

aggie on Sister and Brother
Beautiful children. You've captured the moment well.

veerendra on Boroka Portrait
oh . .. wat a pic .. what e attitude she has !

KMF on Sister and Brother
yes its a special shot i love the light effect on this shot

KMF on Some Grass with Background
fantastic one

SPunkt on Another Sunset
Wow! Great colours!

Lost Valley on Glowing Moon
That is a great photo! I was trying to do just the same the other night mine come no where close to your's!! Great ...

LuisRodrigues on Glowing Moon
Nice sky!

alla on Pair on tier
Lovely composition!

alla on Glowing Moon
That's a moon!!!? WOW! Have never seen it like that! Very nice capture!

Amir on Glowing Moon
This is really like the Sun. Great lighting and composition.

Tago on Pair on tier
Aaaw... :) Nice one :)

Mauro on Pair on tier
Minimalismo fotografico... maravilhoso!

Ian Bramham on Pair on tier
very strong image and like all the best photos - so simple!

lissa on Pair on tier
Without the two figure, the image wouldn't have been interesting. Nice and simple.

ttomasso on Pair on tier
very strong image! I picked it directly from the community page :-)

Brian on Pair on tier
Wonderful! Great processing!

Josh on Pair on tier
Aww, full of emotions! Beautiful tones!

badala on Pair on tier
Simple and marvelous image.

Rags on Sister and Brother
lovely image. I love the looks in both their faces.

Amir on Sister and Brother
nice looking kids, very good colors.

Daroru on Sister and Brother
Gorgeous light, really special shot.

alla on Sister and Brother
Nice portraits! I like the tones here.

Gentse Koppen on Sister and Brother
There is an etherical quality to this very nice portait

lissa on Rippled Surface
Nice how the water makes overlaying circles that gives the image more appealing feel. Perfectly carptured.

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